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2019.04.06 Sweep the Hooch North Briarcl

We need each volunteer to help distribute accurate information about the PCG, and encourage citizens to join us in our efforts to keep the project in the spotlight of each jurisdiction through which it will pass.

How can volunteers help?

  • Learn about the greenway & spread the word.

  • Show up at city & county meetings.

  • Encourage friends to join our mailing list.

  • Help at events based on skills & desires.

  • Helping with sign-in sheets & answering questions at events.

  • Take photographs.

  • Write articles.

  • Lead or assist with creek walks and PCG tours. 

The importance of our volunteers cannot be overrated.  We welcome the diverse talents and experience of volunteers that can contribute and enrich our organization.

Peachtree Creek Greenway, Inc., a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization, is a 100% volunteer organization. Join us!

Some of our Volunteers

D81_4706 LOW.jpg
Mike Edelson
Randy LOW b.jpg
Randy McDow
Melissa Hankinson3.jpg
Melissa Hankinson
Molly McCarthy Wack 2.jpg
Molly McCarthy Wack
Deuk Lee.jpeg
Deuk Lee

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How can you help?


* Wear our t-shirt

* Place our logo on your business window or car

* Learn more and spread the word

* Show up at city and county meetings to share your support

* Encourage friends to join our mailing list

* Sign up as a volunteer

* Visit the Peachtree Creek Greenway and bring a friend

* Engage with us on social media